How do I borrow a Zagster bike via text message?

It’s simple, just like riding a bike! Go to a Zagster bike station and:

1. Text the word “Start” and the bike’s number to us at 202-999-3924.
For example, text “Start 100” to rent bike 100. The bike’s number can be found on labels near the handlebars and on the lockbox.

2. We’ll text you back a lockbox code and instructions on how to use it.
The lockbox is the rectangular box with a keypad on the bike's rear rack.

3. Open up the lockbox and use the key inside to open the U-shaped metal lock that is attaching the bike to its station.
Close the lockbox after you've unlocked the bike. Keep the lock on the bike wherever you go, and always lock the bike up if you’re not riding it.

4. When you’re done, lock the bike back to its Zagster station and text us “End” to end your rental.

You can also text 'SMS' to 202-999-3924 to get these instructions on your phone.

For additional support please call our 24/7 help line: 202-999-3924.

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